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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

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My Take on Time Management: Newest post at her.meneutics

I need a time management conversation today. Today - when the morning has me jittery, working to find my way through the piles of work (and laundry) that have mounded up since Ryan and I left the country last Friday. We're home. I'm jet-lagged. And tomorrow I'm running a large meeting for our children's ministry volunteers. All of this has me in a state of physical tremors, where I feel the voltage of anxiety surging through my hands while I type.

Today, I need a time management conversation. And I need it in the way that Matt Perman has framed it in his new book, What's Best Next.

What's best next

If we try managing our time only in terms of efficiency (How can I get the most done?), we miss the better question: what is really worth doing? And that's what is really powerful and provocative in Perman's book. The first half is dedicated to constructing a theology of productivity and answering the most important question first:

What's Best Next?

You can read my take on Perman's book and time management at her.meneutics today.