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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

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My Relationship with Phyllis Schlafly? It's Complicated.

Phyllis SchlaflyThe kids are finally off to school. And I am finally back to work. Before the kids were even out the door yesterday morning, I had written an email to my editor, pitching an idea for an article that, because of its time-sensitivity, would need to be written STAT. It was one of those now-or-never moments. My fingers hovered over the keyboard, the "never" reminding me that I already had a thousand (or five) deadlines waiting for me, the "now" reminding me that writers must strike when it's hot. I hit "send" and when the assignment was green-lighted, I furiously worked to send off a first draft before afternoon pick-up. The piece is published today at her.meneutics, and one reason I wanted to write this particular essay, "Phyllis Schlafly Defended Women Like Me," was to make use of the mounds of research I did for Keeping Place. Schlafly become a person of interest for me, and while I haven't read any book-length biographies of her, I'd like to learn more about this polarizing figure in American politics and feminist history.

Read more about my begruding admiration of Schlafly here.

And by the way, did you see the cover for Keeping Place?


(She's lovely, isn't she?)