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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

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Makeover: How things look a little different around here

My children have come to euphemistically call my grey hair, “silvers.” They’re fonder of them than I. If you have grey hair like I do (for goodness gracious sakes, try imagining for a moment!), you know how the anxious weeks feel leading up to your salon appointment, the weeks during which your “silvers,” despite your first-degree attempts, are being resuscitated.

(You have roots. And wish no one to notice.)

There have been some roots around here on my website. In fact, I sat in Adrianna Wright’s office several weeks ago (she’s the online publicist for IVP), and we stared at my roots.

“Well, there is such a thing as too much creative white space.”

It wasn’t until days later, as I lay in bed thinking about the pixilated image of my website's roots on her extra-large monitor that I realized: my header had disappeared!

I used to have, at the very least, a header with my name and tagline of my site. But where had it gone? And why hadn’t I noticed? (These and other perplexing questions about my life.)

At any rate, the silvers have been dealt with, and I hope you’re glad to be here. I’m grateful to Ben Goshow for putting up with this Luddite. (If you need a web developer, I’d highly recommend. And check out Fishhook while you’re at it.) I’m also thankful to Joe Dudeck for the beautiful header image, and I’m happy to say I’ve got more of Joe’s amazing work to feature on the blog in upcoming weeks.

Now it’s your turn. Gush in the comments about the makeover.