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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Advent Devotional

I hope you're enjoying this series on #home that I've been hosting. I also hope that you haven't given me up for dead. Life is, as always, full. And though I spend the majority of my days working, you're not always privy to the writing that I am doing. Sometimes I am working to prepare for an upcoming speaking event or to submit an article. Sometimes I am reading for my own research or reading another writer's book for potential endorsement. At the end of every month, I'm also working on my monthly-ish newsletter, Miscellany. (Subscribe here.) And, if you can believe it, I've even begun work on book #3 in this "lull" period between finished manuscript and book release. (I'll be talking to marketing folks this week about promotional plans for Keeping Place, so hopefully I can tell you more soon!)

advent_cover_smallI did want to tell you about one collaborative project that I contributed to. It's an Advent Devotional published by Christianity Today, and you'll recognize many of the contributing writers (N.T. Wright, Jen Hatmaker, Philip Yancy, John Ortberg). It's super cheap, and the content is great, which means that you should consider buying it for your small group or church! Find more details here.

In my devotional called, "Thirsty for God." I write,

"It is easy to dull the inner restlessness of which Saint Augustine wrote, easier still when Amazon Prime promises to deliver the good life in two days’ time. To become the patient, expectant, thirsty people of God, we must, for longer than a moment, see the daily harrow of living here, where the curse sets the city ablaze, and the fire licks up life. Only in view of suffering will we learn to watch for the dawn—and thirst for its merciful rain."