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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Sick and Tired

Ben Goshow

A teeny, weeny little rant post, OK? Allow me to indulge in this small pleasure?

Because I've been writing a book. Or, to be precise, editing a book.

I turned in the first draft of Teach Us to Want (IVP, releasing August, 2014) in August. Two months later, I received it back from my editor with suggestions for revision. In less than two weeks, I need to send back a better version of the book.

And I will say this of the editing process: it makes you pine for writing anything other than your book.

In the past several weeks, I've daydreamed and drafted these ideas for other writing projects:

"Confessions of a Complementarian": a series of blog posts I will write where I confess why, theologically, I still hold to a traditional view of gender roles in the family and in the church.

Welcome Home: the book I will write about the desire for place and for stability. I've determined that it will require a tour of all my childhood homes. (Tennessee, here I come!)

I've also sent pitches to the Atlantic as well as the Motherlode blog at the NYTimes, neither of which I've actually done anything to develop since receiving responses back from each of them.

And here I find myself writing a blog post when the final chapter of my book begs for me to "land my argument." Oh, right. Those were my editor's words.

Land this plane, Jen. I'm gripping at the throttle of these words. I can't see anything in this fog. Land this plane, the readers are begging.

Do they know how hard this is?

* * * *

Ok, that's it. Teeny, weeny little rant is now finished.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I think I'm also planning a blog series about the process of writing a book. It will not, however, be a rant.