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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

How to faithfully meet your divine surprises

If you've been reading here for anytime now, you probably know that I have five children. You might also know that two of them were "surprises." (No, we do not call them accidents.) It's been five and a half years now, and those twin boys have gone and gotten big on me. Life isn't as chaotic as it once was, and I'm finally enjoying time and the distance to look back and love the monsoon that swept through our family when we brought two five-pounders home from the hospital.

Finding out I was pregnant with twins and subsequently learning to love the life I've been given plays a huge role into wanting to write a book about desire. Often, I think we want something very different than what God chooses to give. But faith grows in the soil of divine surprise, when we're forced to relinquish our plans and projects and embrace the "otherness" that is God's will.

Here's a favorite line from the piece I wrote about our two little "surprises" for Christianity Today: "All of us will meet moments where we're handed a part we haven't intended to play in this drama. What then? Rail against the heavens? Curse God and die? Maybe at first. But in the company of men and women who can believe on our behalf at the moments we cannot, we can tether ourselves to the important truths we do not hold to be self-evident in a life of faith: God is good. We are loved - even when life does nto go as we have planned or wanted."

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