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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

I Pledge Allegiance to the Local Church

This was my original title for my recent piece at Christianity Today's blog for women. I think it captures something that is tremendously important for me: the church. Church, little c. Church in the neighborhood or city in which you live. The local church: yes, the one with all its baggage and beggars. Because the local church, even insofar as it is beautiful, is also a very complicated mess. As messy, I suppose, as real people are. The tension of the church is the very same tension of our loves: the hope of what will be and the stubborn realities of the not yet.

I have been deeply wounded in the church. Yes, there. It isn't as if I see the church with some kind of Pollyanna perspective that nothing goes wrong in the church.

A lot goes wrong. The wheels fall off our good intentions, and people are hurt as a result.

This is true. And - still.


The church. I can't help but loving her, can't help falling for the beautiful idea that Jesus has embodied Himself here, in us.

The church. I can't do without her, can't find my place apart from the church.

The church. I think what I'm saying is that I believe I belong here and find my calling in and through the church.

The church. That's the destination of my writing and words.

Allegiance to Christ through the church.

So read the piece that I recently wrote and read the comments.

And fall in love today with the church.