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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Giveaway winner is. . . (and third and final revision to back cover)

Thanks to everyone who commented on the two potential versions for the back cover of Found Wanting. Your feedback was immensely helpful, and I've tried to reflect much of it in the changes I've made below. As a writer, I know I certainly can't please everyone. (For more evidence of this, scroll through the 106 comments on my political piece from Her.meneutics.) I also know that I may not be ultimately responsible to write the back cover for this book - even to title it, for that matter. But whether or not this back cover copy survives, I'm grateful to have gone through the process of trying to narrow the scope of the book in a few, short paragraphs. And I'm glad to have given you the glimpse at what I'm attempting to do!

Now, onto our giveaway winner: thank you, Mike Venetis, for your comment and amazing marketing advice! I pulled your name this morning and will be sending you a $10 Starbucks card. (By the way, if Hurricane Sandy has taught us anything, it's the importance of emergency preparedness. Check out Mike's website for all you need when catastrophes strike: The Prep Room.)

And here's the third (and final for now) version of the back cover:

Found Wanting: At the Intersection of Faith and Desire

Is desire sinful? Is it selfish to pray for the things I want? Do my desires matter for following God’s will?

We’re confused.

Psychology’s newest experts are now available for hire: wantologists. They are certified to help clients identify what they want and how to get it. But can wantologists clear up the theological complexities of desire? Can they help us understand if desire belongs in a life of surrender?

Devotional author Jen Pollock Michel nudges us toward the risky business of wanting - and praying. Although she knows that life doesn’t always turn out as we want or plan, she believes our willingness to want from God enriches our implicit trust in Him.

This book is meant to increase your faith. You’ll grow more certain of God’s generosity towards you. At the same time, you’ll understand your own tendencies to want - and pray - selfishly. In the final section of the book, you’ll explore the language of the Lord’s Prayer as a template of holy desire and a means for making God’s desires your own.

Teach us to pray, the disciples asked Jesus. And we ask: Teach us to want.