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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

How-to Friday: Be a Dad (Guest Post by Nathan Michel)

(Nathan wrote this essay as a class assignment. And in honor of the best DAD ever. . . .)

              I admire my father, Ryan Michel. He was born April 30th  1974 in Elmhurst, Illinois. There were three children in his family. His father died when he was seventeen. He loved basketball. He would practice basketball because there was a park down the street with a basketball court. He met my mother in 1995 and got married in 1996. I admire him because he is patient, he is the kind of athlete I admire, and he is very smart.


My father is patient. He was patient when I asked him to help me on the computer. It was not working for him either, but he was patient. When showing me what to do when my sisters and I are not listening, he does not get angry right away, He is patient. If I ask him to do something and he is unable to, he patiently tells me why he cannot.


My father is the kind of athlete I admire. He played basketball in high school and played tennis in college. He is a fair player in all sports. (He was good at both.) In 2008 his leg and back started to hurt and since then has lost a lot of talent.


My father is very smart. His job has a lot of math. He is curious. He got good grades as a child. He is good at math, and I admire it because I like math. He went to college and then got his Master’s degree. He is a Vice President of the Allstate Insurance Company.


I like my father’s ability to play sports, his intelligence, and I like that he has patience. I want to grow up and be like my father, Ryan Michel because of all those things. My father also would never brag about those things.