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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Guest Post by Audrey Michel, Age 11

(Our oldest daughter, Audrey, has a blog she's keeping, and today is a repost from her recent blog series about home organization. She describes how she will organize her children's room. It was so cute that I simply had to share.)

The kids room is not an easy task to describe and as I sit here I wonder what you will make of it. I am going to have four kids, two girls, two boys. First they have two pairs of bunk beds. One for the girls and one for the boys. If so the boys and girls can have both yellow bedcovers and white sheets. I know of a monogramming place and we can make our own pillowcases. Thank you, Mimi! Under each bed is two baskets with each of their names on one. This is for all their toys. Each birthday and Christmas, they clean it out. (Not including family games and such.) They can put whatever they want in there. Just that those are all the toys they get. It limits the junk in our house. Each morning they pick their room up for inspection after breakfast. The kids each can have their own desk which they have all their supplies and paper. This has to be clean as well. I will put a four-shelf bookshelf in their room also and each child will have their own shelf and a reading light for reading at night which will clip to the side of their bed. Each of my kids can have a chore pack which will be done hopefully by the time school starts. I am homeschooling my kids.


I am not strict, but I hope they will see how much easier it will be for them and others.


Next time, I'll probably be describing the basement and the organization of homeschool.