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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )


261. long-range parenting: everyday instruction, prayer without ceasing.

262. a start - a very little start - to ideas on the page. A hope that they can become something, gratitude for the week ahead to do only this.

263. a finish - turning in Leviticus. Grace granted for the everyday discipline of getting it done.

264. a daughter's courage to play clarinet in front of her classmates. For the way she's really growing to love it - and music.


265. A duet to practice - and the years of lessons!

266. A timely arrangement for renting the house to old friends - great grace and provision.

267. an email, a phone call, prayers and hope

268. being sent into the week ahead with the love of friends and family

269. his confidence and capacity for taking over - a wonderful husband and father

270. sleep - an extra hour

271. choreography of grace - the extraordinary ways in which the writer's retreat was providentially planned

272. self-doubt leading back to the gospel

273. words of instruction from the Scriptures: ministry, stewardship, proclamation

274. a new friendship - the slow awkwardness of its beginnings, the tentativeness, the desire

275. reminders of what is impermanent