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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Vote for your favorite "M" word!

So, a blog design is on its way. Three cheers for small bird studios who will be helping me! (And can I tell you, by the way, what a great designer can do? And may I humbly recommend, Kristin Petro, for home design in the Chicago area?)

I'm a writer. You have a project which demands content? You need help framing your ideas? I'm your girl.

But don't call me to rearrange your furniture. Call Kristin.

And, I don't know the least thing when it comes to designing a blog. The experts have been called. Help is on its way.

But can I ask you, dear friend and reader, for help with with a certain word?

I'm thinking of four main categories at the top of homepage. Here they are, and here's where I need your help:

Meet. (Yeah, me.)

Musings. (The reflective stuff.)

More. (Contact me. Organizations to support, etc.)

??? (The practical stuff. Monday's menu. How-to Friday. Bookshelf.) What should I call this section?



Ménage (French for household)


Mélange (French for collection, mix)




Other ideas??

Or, do I give up the alliteration, and let it be something entirely different?

Thanks for your comments!