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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Setting the Thanksgiving Table (cheap and crafty!)

The girls and I had fun this weekend, shopping at Michael's and doing an easy craft for our place cards. We also made some very inexpensive candle centerpieces. I found tons of ideas at pinterest. (Do you know about pinterest yet? You can collect all kinds of pictures and ideas for everything from fashion to crafts to recipes to decorating, and then you design your own virtual bulletin boards. First, you have to request an invite from the site. Or, because I'm a member, I can invite you, so let me know in the comment box if you want me to help.) So, for the placecards. Time consuming, yes, but if you have children that like to use scissors (and can do so safely!), this is a great way to spend some time together. (No, Andrew and Colin were not invited to participate in this activity!)

I am not much of an artist at all, but this is pretty easy to draw. The body, the feathers - I did it freehand. We also bought metallic spray paint for the clothespins, but I have a feeling that we were feeling overly ambitious at that point. We'll be skipping that step (and saving ourselves $10 once I return the paint to Michael's).

These turkeys will be our table place cards, and each person will write on each individual feather something she's thankful for. I might have some groaning about this from some of the boys around the table, but I'm making the turkey, so I figure I'm calling the shots! Here is our cheap and easy candle centerpiece. I made three of these and will use them along with pumpkins for setting the table. We layered popcorn and different colored beans. I bought the candles ($1.50) and the jars ($2.00) at the dollar store. And if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll have the kids sort the beans after the holidays and I'll bag them to re-use next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!