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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )


Paying attention is the movement of my soul from gratitude to worship. Paying attention means finding Him near and good in the incidentals of today.

Paying attention is unhurried.

Paying attention is a discipline.

"Projects of personal transformation rarely, if ever, succeed by accident, drift or imposition."

-Dallas Willard

Counting the gifts. . .

201. her confidence - and though there are tears and self-doubt, a warm meal around our table is comfort and welcome

202. admitting

203. the book I can't wait to give her

204. "And God spoke" - how three simple words of Scripture reveal the mystery and joy

205. him up early, sleepy-eyed, dressed for basketball tryouts

206. renewed courage for parenting

207. a book in her hands, an invitation to consider, and the power of pryaer

208. breakfast smoothies

209. sadness as we drive into town - more trust, another invitation to surrender

210. listening

211. work and rest

212. planning a Thanksgiving menu

213. being missed

214. clean refrigerator shelves

215. blankets and down comforters

216. lacing up skates and watching her growing, smiling confidence

217. their answered prayers, lessons in knowing that You are near

218. desire, courage, commitment - and Your steadying hand

219. local and imperfect: the Church

220. Jesus is the Way - I'm never lost in Him