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Jen Pollock Michel

( author + writer + speaker )

Monday's Menu: Fruit Smoothies

I read a fascinating article in the New York Times this summer about dieting. Entitled, "Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May Be Outdated," the article looks at some of the newest research about food and weight-loss. Traditional plans to cut calories and add regular exercise to your regimen may not be enough to keep off unwanted pounds. (Boo-hoo.) Research indicates there are certain foods to be avoided at all costs and others that may prove to actually help your metabolism and keep you slim. One finding is hardly surprising: French fries are a no-no. And with the french fries alone that we've consumed over this past week of travel, I'm sure I've gained five pounds.

Yogurt is our friend. Three cheers! That's why I'm featuring a fruit smoothie recipe today. I'll be making these every day this week, as penance for my bad behavior.

I do traditionally make these pretty regularly for breakfast. They also make a great afterschool snack, too (when it's not snowing!).

I buy everything from  Costco: the frozen fruit, the fruit juice (here in Canada, they have a great fruit/veggie juice blend) and the dairy products.

I have a huge 56 oz. blender, and obviously, we feed 6-7 people with this recipe. You can either trim the recipe as I've given it to you or make the whole thing and freeze the leftovers in dixie cups with popsicle sticks for a frozen treat.

Fruit Smoothies

8 oz. plain low-fat yogurt

8 oz. low-fat cottage cheese (It sounds disgusting, but don't worry, it gets blended!)

4 C (approx) of frozen fruit (We've listed our favorite combinations further down.)

24 oz. juice (Look for a fruit/veggie blend. Your kids won't know the difference.)

Add the yogurt/cottage cheese to your blender first, then the frozen fruit, and the juice last. If you're feeling really ambitious and healthy, you can also add wheat germ, protein powder, flax seed, or tofu.

Our favorite fruit combinations are:

Cherry and mango

Strawberry and banana

Mango and a berry blend

Blueberry and peaches

We'll be having these for breakfast this morning!