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These are just a few of my musings about faith, formation, culture, and life.


Postmarked: Dear Jen (4)

Jen Michel


“Dear Jen,

. . . I’m writing to you on the very cusp of this new season. Summer thunderstorms now drive in cooler weather, and the days are noticeably shorter. My daughter attended freshman orientation a few nights ago as she prepares to enter high school, and then this evening our middle daughter went to her junior high orientation, giddy with excitement. It sometimes feels that life is racing ahead, leaving me behind. Tonight, I can feel my head spinning as the years sweep past…

All of these changing seasons have Maile and me talking quite a lot about what the next few years might look like for her. We took a few days away for our 20th wedding anniversary last week, and the question we kept mulling over (a question Steve Wiens challenged us with on his podcast) was this one:

‘What are you building?’”

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What began as a Twitter conversation between two writers has become an exchange of letters. Here is a list of our prior letters for Postmarked:

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